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    Status von awg ( auf Wednesday, 13-Sep-2017 04:19:18 CEST awg awg
    This video is weird.  Some of the footage it includes is excellent -- the tussle between the mountain goat and the 1st c.y. golden eagle ~2:05 is really spectacular.  Some of it might be staged, though (see ~4:12).  And there's also a lot of really bad info: the zookeep ~5:16 is attacked by a Harris's Hawk, not an eagle.  The russian paraglider had a run-in with a pair of Himalayan Griffon, which are not eagles nor was he actually attacked by them.  Bicycle girl gets whacked by non-raptor (Australian Magpie, from the looks of it).  Overall, it was fun watch despite the inaccuracies and sensationalism. #